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In 1992 even though the Yoruba culture in the West is already well known for and countless many people practice these ancient traditions, there was no publisher dedicated professionally and exclusively for this editorial, only in Cuba, Brazil and the United States shared some time, their issues with other editorial lines of various branches of science and culture. Many documents still unpublished, passed from hand to hand and were transmitted orally among friends and family, few researchers uninitiated many published historical aspects of this ancient tradition. It was around that time when I had the idea of creating a unique publishing house specializing in to post literatures to teach the true wisdom and traditions of our ancestors that were enriched by the experience of the best. So literatures emerged as "The Treaties of Odu Ifa" "The Traditional Medical Babalawo" and others which have earned a special place in our readership. Today we plan our work in three main directions: The book and magazine; edition CD's and audio-visual materials and aim to develop a comprehensive distribution system that allows us to deliver an excellent product with the highest possible quality to all stakeholders.
Our mission, to further deepen it from scientific and anthropological research, so as to continue providing enriched knowledge publications. Bringing together experienced authors and deep knowledge’s of the issues.